Tournament Payout

Grand Prize $20,000 included with tournament entry


Grand Prize based on Aggregate weight. The aggregate is the combined total of your heaviest tuna, heaviest dolphin, and heaviest wahoo caught during the tournament (all three species required). If no boat catches all 3 species then the HEAVIER of two categories will win. (3 lighter fish will beat 2 heavier fish)

Lady Angler: $100.00

Youth Angler: $100.00

Payout on each Optional Category will be determined after the captains meeting. These tournaments within a tournament pay two places: 60%/40%. McLeod’s Children’s Hospital retains 10% on each TWT category for the Charity.

50/50 Dolphin: 50% of proceeds will be paid to boat with largest dolphin. 50% will be paid to McLeod’s Children’s Hospital Charity.

Big Dog Aggregate will be determined by an Auctioning off of the participating boats to be held during the captains meeting on May 11th 2017.

There will also be several payouts to whoever is the closest to random weights we select. High and low numbers will be selected so make sure BRING WHAT YOU CATCH to the scales!! (weights announced at Captains meeting)

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