Fishing Tournament Rules

Below are the Carolina Slam Fishing Tournament rules and regulations:

  1. Boats may leave port from ANYWHERE but must weigh in at Marlin Quay Marina by boat.
  2. Lines in at 6 am and lines must be out at 3 pm. All boats must be in to weigh in at Marlin Quay Marina by 6pm. NO fish may be brought to scales by vehicle; it must be weighed from the boat in which it was caught, and MUST be weighed at Marlin Quay Marina.
  3. Official tournament time will be continuous GPS time.
  4. Captain’s Choice of ONE fish day out of the two: Friday, May 12th or Saturday, May 13th and Sunday, May 14th will be a weather day if any of the other days are cancelled due to bad weather. Two fish days can be counted with an entry fee for each day and boats must declare a fishing day by 6am of that day either via telephone or VHF Channel 16/10 or on the entry form.
  5. Small craft at 6 am NOAA Inshore Report declares an ineligible fishing day. ONE DAY of fishing constitutes a tournament.
  6. All fish must be caught from conventional rod and reel. J- Hooks or Circle hooks are allowed, as well as lures and artificial baits. No electric reels, bandit reels or “Green sticking.”
  7. In the event of a tie on weight, the first fish weighed will take the highest place.
  8. For the tuna category, only black fin or yellow fin will be eligible.
  9. Only one fish from each species will count towards each category/TWT. Each boat may only claim 1 place in each category.
  10. A member from the boat must be present to weigh-in each fish.
  11. Entry fee is $300 per boat and qualifies your boat for the Grand Prize of $15,000. The Grand Prize is scored on your aggregate weight. The aggregate is the combined total of your heaviest tuna, heaviest dolphin, and heaviest wahoo caught during the tournament ( all three species required ). If no boat catches all 3 species then the HEAVIER of two categories will win. (3 lighter fish will beat 2 heavier fish)
  12. The Tournament within a Tournament (TWT) fees are due by 6:00 pm on May 11th, 2017 at Marlin Quay Marina

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